P oliticians who do not have the experience, background, or intelligence to take on the office they’ve duped the public into achieving, often partake in something called ‘Intellectual grifting’ though Urban Dictionary has yet to find a definition for it, it’s actually common.

Individuals with actual credentials, experience, and expertise who have the unfortunate finding of having to operate under these grifters find that their communal work and intellectual labor will be lifted and credit taken by the political grifter. It will come off as narcissism as the politician spews an endless resume of ‘I am’….

They will hold themselves…

The Trump Regime See Their Days Numbered, What Comes Next Is Truly Terrifying

W e can feel it, can’t we? There is a shift happening. The rumbling beneath our feet is the seismic shifting of the gargantuan plates of power. As we near the election just a scant few days from now, we read the near dystopian headlines like a beaten and tired captive audience.

Trump appears to be a sick old man, flushed, stressed, impassioned with a mad desire to hold on to the last vestiges of his cult and fading power. …

Life Will Position Itself To Make A Point

L ife will position itself to make a point, and yesterday, position itself it did. Ashley showed me yesterday, that this thing, this illness that is causing America to lose her sanity, her will, her balance and enter into hurricane force of self-harm, is not JUST outside circumstances, but an illness that has gotten inside the organic structures and the battle is now between cells in an immune system war of the worlds.

I cannot remember why I had to go to the grocery store, I remember being annoyed. Seems like I’m…

It starts with authority and one man’s internal dialogue

Police in Tigard, Oregon calmly discusses a white patron who kicked the front door of Burger King’s closed dining area and physically assaulted Burger King’s Hispanic store manager, taking the phone out of his hand as he tried to call the police and throwing it into the parking lot.

At the time of Rayshard Brooks death that fateful night in a Wendy’s parking lot [On the night of June 12, 2020, Rayshard Brooks, a 27-year-old African American man, was fatally shot by Atlanta Police Department (APD) officer Garrett Rolfe.] we were barely able to catch our breath after the reeling deaths of Ahmaud Marquez Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd. The massive uprising in America’s streets which ensued following each death had a clear message, that message is, there is a notorious and present difference in the way police handle black citizens vs white citizens. Amid this uprising springs…

A City’s Treasure In Covid Era

I remember the day I aged out of Oregon Youth Authority and I found myself homeless. My case manager was in tears, angry that she was taken by surprise and I was in shock. She muttered ‘fuck’ under her breath, doing everything she could to keep her job while still managing to cram as much social service into this last day for me as she possibly could.

Two other staff members packed my stuff in black plastic bags and placed them by the door, while she spends time on the office phone feverishly trying…

Hospitality Post-Covid

Our city’s Meier & Frank Building is a fifteen-story, glazed terra cotta building located in the heart of our city across from our equally famous Pioneer Courthouse Square. This well-loved building with a rich history began its life as the first major project for prolific Portland architect, A. E. Doyle, the project beginning in 1909 and final stages completed over several years until it became home to The Meire & Frank department stores headquarters in 1966.

Portland developed fond memories and a true relationship to this building through the decades, through footsteps of any number of celebrities, the…

Jennifer Porter

Jennifer Porter is an artist, writer, builder and conservationist. Its an interesting combo

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